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You deserve a stress-free Landlord-Tenant relationship.

A poorly managed relationship can be frustrating and costly to your health and well-being as well as your wallet. A lack of thorough knowledge and experience can create challenging landlord-tenant relationships which could result in financial loss for both parties. CMG’s in-depth knowledge of landlord and tenancy acts and our commitment to building trusted relationships help property owners avoid these situations.

As a family, couple or and individual tenant, you deserve reliable rental and permanent housing. CMG provides all of the resources and tools for ensuring housing stability and preventing situations that can result in housing loss such as eviction. We ensure that tenants have ease in purchasing or renting their new home.

As a tenant, knowing your rights is important. We ensure that you are informed of your rights and responsibilities to help avoid problems in the future and create peace-of-mind and comfort in your home. CMG supports you start-to-finish from the time you move into your new home through moving out. Our personalized services include housing search, rental agreements, deposits, vacating as well as bring landlords and tenants together. We work with both parties to ensure issues are resolved swiftly and with minimal disruption to your lives. We are the leading property management company in Toronto for a reason.

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